Visitor Survey Recap

In October, we conducted a survey of over 100 visitors that have recently traveled to the Waupaca area. Below is a recap of the survey results.


Ages: 45-64 (52%)

Gender: Majority Female (78%)

Household Income $50,000 to $99,999 (53%)

Zip Code Mapping of Participants Below:

An overwhelming majority of those surveyed visited with friends and family in the Spring/Summer months (88%), with only 11% saying their visit was in the Fall/Winter.

Almost every person surveyed (98%) claimed that they have visited the area previously, and over half (53%) said that they’ve visited more than 10 times in the last 5 years.


Family and friends is a recurring theme found throughout the survey results, and the main reason visitors come back to the area.

Over half of the participants (54%) stayed with family and friends on their visit, with the second highest response (13%) being those that came to visit their second home.

The top three ways participants first heard about Waupaca are:

1. Close to home

2. Friends and family live there

3. Visited as a young child

Although most people come to visit friends and family, it is the scenery and landscape of the area that appeals the most to visitors (47%).

Downtown Waupaca and the Chain O’Lakes seem to be the most popular places for visitors to explore. When asked what parts of the Waupaca area they visited on their trip, 88% of all respondents said they visited the Chain O’Lakes, while 78% visited downtown.

The top avenues surveyees use to learn about the area are Word of Mouth (recommendations from family/friends as well as locals) and Social Media.

Overall, most visitors were able to navigate the area easily, with one or two respondents mentioning they would like clear signage on trails and in downtown.

The overwhelming majority of visitors enjoyed their experience in Waupaca, but survey respondents did note that there may not be enough to do in the evenings or in poor weather conditions. Some individuals struggled to find activities for all ages to enjoy.

Visitors view the area as very clean and family oriented. They see the area as fairly affordable and somewhat hip. They don’t view the area as upscale or high end.

When comparing Waupaca to competing areas, survey respondents view Waupaca as the leader in outdoor recreation and activities. They seem to view the area as a good place to visit for all ages but mention that there may not be many shopping/dining options compared to other areas.

When survey participants were asked if there was anything else they would like us to know, a few of the key phrases we saw repeat are “Small Town” “Quaint” “Wonderful” and “Love Waupaca”.