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While moving to a new city is exciting, it can also be daunting. We’re standing by to support you in your transition. While we invite you to download our comprehensive relocation packet, the following resources will give you a start.

Local Utilities

Most residents of the City of Waupaca will have garbage, recycling, sewer, and water provided by the City. For garbage & recycling collection information, please see: For information on water & sewer utility, please visit; 

City of Waupaca residents enjoy access to high-speed internet and reliable cellular service. Providers include AT&T, Charter/Spectrum, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Waupaca Online—a municipal operated internet service provider that provides high-speed internet to extremely hard-to-service households.


The City of Waupaca is home to the ThedaCare Medical Center, a nationally recognized Top 100 critical access hospital. With ThedaCare, you can rest assured that you’ll receive exceptional care from highly-qualified health professionals close to home. For a full list of health services available in Waupaca, from dentists to mental health providers and more, please download the relocation guide.


The good life just got more affordable. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, housing in Waupaca is considerably less expensive than state or national averages. We invite you to give the Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce a call at (715) 258-7343 to discuss rental resources and real estate agencies that can help you find the perfect place to call home.

From a great public school system for children to continuing educational opportunities for adults, Waupaca offers a diversity of educational opportunities to support learning at any age. The School District of Waupaca includes the Chain Exploration Center (a project-based charter school), the Waupaca Learning Center Elementary School, the Waupaca Middle School, and the Waupaca High School. Waupaca is also home to the Waupaca Christian Academy, a private religious school that enrolls students in grades K4 – 12. The Waupaca Center of the Fox Valley Technical College system provides older learners with opportunities to pursue their associate’s degree or technical diploma close to home. For those pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or returning to school for a graduate program, Waupaca is just a 30-minute drive from the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point and forty minutes from the University of Wisconsin—Oshkosh.

It can feel difficult to make friends in a new city. Joining one of Waupaca’s many clubs and organizations is a great way to build a community. Explore dozens of clubs and organizations here:



While reliable access to a vehicle is recommended, if you’re out of a car you’re not out of luck in Waupaca. Waupaca’s Catch-a-Ride program offers rides to and from work for any resident of the County. The City of Waupaca also offers the Waupaca Taxi service to provide additional flexibility for city residents and visitors.

Emergency Services

Waupaca offers local police, fire, and medical emergency services to keep you and your family safe. In all emergencies, dial 911. To learn more about emergency services and law enforcement in Waupaca, please visit:

Grocery Stores

The City of Waupaca is home to three supermarkets (Pick ‘n Save, Aldi, and Piggly Wiggly), a natural foods market (the Nutrition Center), and a Mexican grocer (La Tabasqueña). With a variety of grocery stores available locally, you won’t have travel far to find everything on your shopping list.

Parks and Recreation

The Waupaca Department of Parks and Recreation not only maintains an abundance of parks and natural areas, but also organizes a vast number of recreational programs to keep you and your family busy all year-round. To learn more about youth, adult, and senior programs offered by the City of Waupaca, please visit:

Community Organizations

It can feel difficult to make friends in a new city. Joining one of Waupaca’s many clubs and organizations is a great way to build a community. Explore dozens of clubs and organizations here:

Arts and Entertainment

Waupaca prides itself on its vibrant arts and culture scene. Whether you’re looking to pick up the guitar yourself or listen to someone else play your favorite hits, Waupaca has options for you. You’re never too old to explore your curiosity at the Waupaca Arts Hub, and our comprehensive events calendar means you’ll never miss a concert. In the mood for a movie? Waupaca’s charming Rosa Theater has you covered.

Job and Career Resources

Waupaca is not just a great place to live. It’s also a great place to build a career. Explore job and career resources now:

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