Our Future

There’s More to Come

While Waupaca has achieved major accomplishments within the last three years, including rebuilding its Main Street, opening a brand-new splash pad, and investing in renewable energy, it’s not a place that knows how to rest on its laurels. That’s why the City of Waupaca is working in lockstep with the School District and Chamber of Commerce to make this area an even better place to live by addressing some of the most difficult challenges facing communities nation-wide: a lack of affordable housing, and a shortage of childcare.

To provide more quality homes for everyday people, the City of Waupaca is breaking ground on a new subdivision that may provide as many as 400 new housing units within the next 10 years. With the first homes coming on the market in 2024-2025, the River North neighborhood will make it easier for everyone to call Waupaca home.

Child Care

There’s no question that there is a child care crisis in this country. In Waupaca, leaders in local government, education, and business are putting their heads together to innovate solutions. Through the efforts of our entire community, Waupaca has opened three new group child care centers within the last year—and we are only just getting started. We are committed to creating a community where child care is affordable to families and early childhood educators receive the respect and compensation they deserve.

North Main Street Revitalization

While Waupaca’s Main Street District is a nationally-registered historic landmark, it’s hardly frozen in the past. Within the last five years, the downtown area has exploded in vibrancy. Two new initiatives in the downtown area will soon make it an even more exciting place to explore: an up-and-coming distillery will soon be opening its doors on Main Street’s northern end, across the street from a brand-new public plaza opened up by the Danes Hall. These efforts are supported in part by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.