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Vibrant Neighborhoods

Whether you’re looking for a historic farmhouse tucked away in the countryside, a lakefront mansion offering panoramic views of the water, or a downtown apartment within walking distance of shops and restaurants, your perfect home awaits you in Waupaca. The average home in Waupaca costs less than 47% of the national average, with a median sales price of just $217,000 in 2023 according to Redfin. Even while Waupaca’s housing market is highly competitive to state and national trends, we are actively building new apartments and homes—with as many as 400 new housing units coming to the market in the next 10 years. With housing available in nearly every architectural style and across a range of price points, your real estate search just got a lot easier in Waupaca.

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A Safe Community

While it might sound like a tale from a bygone era, Waupaca is still a place where neighbors know neighbors, parents let their children play outside, and kids walk or bike to school. With a violent crime rate that is 56% less than the national average and a property crime rate that is 33% less than the national average, you can sleep easy in Waupaca knowing that your family and your property are safe.



Less violent crime

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Clubs and Organizations

Make it easy to find a community

One look at Waupaca’s events calendar shows that our little town is far from sleepy. Between concerts, craft shows, fairs, farm markets, community lectures, gallery showings, and more, the question isn’t “what are you going to do?” but “what aren’t you going to do?” With so much to choose from, you’ll be hard pressed to do it all.

Events Calendar

Waupaca is home to diverse churches, special interest groups, cultural organizations, and fitness clubs, offering plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded individuals or build bridges to something new. Whether you find community at the curling club or in your congregation, Waupaca is a place where everyone belongs.

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