Civicopoly Game Results from Trip #1

During our first trip to Waupaca, we had those who attended our public meeting at the high school play a game, called Civicopoly. It’s our take on the classic board game Monopoly and is built to gain valuable insight into what the area has to offer for different groups of people.

One fun part of the game was that each player had to create their own game piece that represented Waupaca. Some of the game pieces created were the Dane’s Home, downtown, a kayak, a deer and the lakes.

Civicopoly follows a young family visiting the area, a young professional looking to relocate, and senior citizens on their journey through the marketing funnel of Awareness > Consideration > Experience > Ambassadorship. Each side of the board represented a different stage of this funnel.

At each player’s turn, they rolled to move their game piece and then drew a card that coordinated with the stage of the funnel they were in. Each card had a different question related to that funnel stage, and players were encouraged to discuss the answer amongst each other and write it down on the back of the card. We reviewed the answers (pictured below) to get a better sense of what there is to do for different types of visitors and residents in Waupaca.

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