Brand Principles and Strategy

Directly after trip #2 — where we engaged more with the public, saw Waupaca in the off-season, and visited surrounding areas that compete for both visitors and residents — we finalized the brand principles and strategy for the Waupaca brand.

Brand principles are fundamental truths about the brand that we uncover through our process, and they can be both factual and aspirational. They are defining factors that should be communicated by the brand — in design elements, messaging, public events and more.

For Waupaca, after multiple trips, meetings and discussions, those brand principles are:

– Nostalgia
– Tradition / Community
– The Outdoors
– Down to Earth
– Vibrant

In turn, the brand principles set the stage for the brand strategy. The strategy is how the brand will communicate those principles. It is not a logo or a tagline. Instead, it’s a shorthand way to describe the approach the brand will take to communicating the brand principles.

The Waupaca brand will communicate its brand principles through a Main + Chain approach.

Waupaca has several qualities that make it a nice place to live. The sense of community, the people, a growing downtown (that will only continue to grow with the implementation of the Downtown Plan), and a quaint, small town feel that makes it a great place to call home. Communicating this is the first half of the approach (Main).

But Waupaca and the surrounding areas offer wonderful outdoor amenities as well. Of course, there’s the Chain O’ Lakes, which draws in countless visitors every year, but there’s more to it than that. You can kayak down the Crystal River, hike at Hartman Creek State Park, go hunting or fishing. It’s a great place for lovers of the outdoors, and this makes up the second part of the approach (Chain).

While other areas may be places you’d only live, or places you only visit, Waupaca offers the perfect combination of both.

Learn more by downloading our presentation on brand principles and strategy.

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