What is the Community Branding Initiative?

The City of Waupaca and The Waupaca Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (WACVB) are embarking on a community Branding Initiative and Wayfinding Signage Program. 

The Branding Initiative, which will be led by CivicBrand, seeks to provide Waupaca with a clearer vision of who we are as a community (both city- wide and regionally) and where we look to go in the future. Objectives that the City hopes to meet with this task include developing a memorable and concise design that reaches targeted audiences who may come from a variety of different backgrounds. This task will be heavily focused on community involvement and will work to involve all interest groups in order to create a collective voice of the City. The Waupaca Area is known by many to be a place of abundant opportunities for recreation and relaxation. By developing a new branding initiative the intent is to advance the City’s identity as a destination location by focusing on the economical, residential, and community traits that make Waupaca a great place to play, visit, and live.

The Wayfinding signage program, led by RDG Planning & Design,  will be directly correlated with the current project of redeveloping Downtown Waupaca. The intention is to develop a city-wide wayfinding system, with reference to the Downtown Plan, that highlights key areas of interest for residents and visitors, such as: parking lots, the downtown area, business districts, and community parks. The system will include signage that is accessible via driving, biking, and walking. The WACVB seeks to develop a system that would incorporate surrounding communities and areas of interest. While the goal is to create a cohesive network between the City and surrounding areas

About CivicBrand

CivicBrand is a branding and marketing agency based in Dallas, TX that specializes exclusively in community branding and public engagement. CivicBrand works directly with Cities, Chambers of Commerce, Convention & Visitors Bureaus and Business Improvement Districts to develop and implement branding and engagement strategies.

CivicBrand has developed a process that puts public engagement at the heart of all community branding projects. The CivicBrand team will visit Waupaca multiple times for what they call “Brand Camp”. During these visits they will tour the community, engage with stakeholders and residents and run focus groups and workshops. In addition, this website will serve as a project engagement portal where you will be able to participate in surveys, provide feedback, download data and keep up with the branding project.

The deliverable of the community branding project will be the development of a brand platform and implementation strategy. In addition, CivicBrand will be producing a documentary of the entire process so everyone can gain insight into the process. To learn more about the CivicBrand process and what exactly a brand platform is (hint: it’s not just a logo and tagline), we encourage you to attend the public meetings or you can view the slides from the meetings here on this website. They will be posted within 1 week of the meeting.

Be sure to sign up for notifications so you can be the first to know about future survey questions and project updates. You are the secret ingredient to making this a successful project!